new sis loves me story about what happened behind closed doors


I opened the room, I entered and I made up a bed on quickly bed. After a moment, having settled her matters in the toilet, Karolina came.
– Ooo, now you’re talking! – was glad, attacking the divan bed and jumping up on it several times.
Our bed was even sizeable and indeed encouraging.
– This … – I sighed. – but we have only one … duvet – I pretended that I wasn’t pleased with it at all, although this thought excited me.
Karolina, not being upset with compulsion to share the feather quilt with me, she lounged on the edge and started taking shoes off, and I went behind the need to the toilet.

Nike Free RN Review

Due to the extreme flex and compliant nature of the Free sole technology, the Free RN mimics the experience of barefoot running since the foot is allowed to flex naturally with the ground topography.


According to Nike, the Free line was developed after learning that Stanford athletes were trading barefoot on the golf course.

Therefore the flex of the sole has been designed to specifically mimic the biomechanics of a barefoot running experience.

The result is a shoe that feels natural on the feet and and is a joy to run in. I tested the Free RN on different surfaces, including forest, basic trail, and asphalt.

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